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“To provide affordable quality in home health care services to clients and their families, while maintaining a productive environment that surrounds quality communication, care, and family and client involvement.”

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Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home Care knows how important it is, to ensure the safety of your loved ones. We select and screened Caregivers that can help with monitoring and managing your loved one’s medications. Aging adults may need to take medications for medical conditions, which would require periodic hospital visits and prompt communication with a healthcare professionals about changes in medications. However, keeping track of multiple medications can be confusing and troublesome for your loved ones.

For our Aging adults with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, tracking medications might be a difficult task for our aging adults to manage. Most of our Aging adults have a long list of prescribed and non-prescribed Medications for various medical conditions. Our Caregiver are screened to ensure that your loved one is taking the medication they need when they need it. Some of the medication reminder tasks, our caregivers are trained to provide are:

  • Ensuring medications ae taken in the proper dosage, route, and time
  • Setting up pill box to help with managing medications
  • Logging medication intake daily

By law, Our Non-medical caregivers are unable to administer medications through injections, IV therapies, picc-line care or tube feedings. Only a licensed nurse may perform these duties, please consult any Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home Care Consultants for more information. Call 770-716-2233.


Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home Care Caregivers can also provide assistance while transferring between beds and wheelchairs, and help walking around the house and through the yard. By preventing your family member from falling, home care can also prevent hospital stays and injuries and promote a healthy, independent lifestyle. At SHCS, we implement several degree of fall risk reduction Interventions

1. Standard Fall Risk Interventions: The following interventions will be initiated for ALL inpatients.

  • Orient patient/family to environment and routines.
  • Place call light within reach and remind patient to call for assistance.
  • Ensure the patient bed is in low position and the brake is on.
  • Place patient’s necessary items within reach.
  • Provide non-skid footwear for patient as needed.
  • Minimize environmental trip/slip hazards.
  • Round frequently (approximately every hour) and assess for safety and comfort.

2. High Fall Risk Interventions: In addition to the Standard Fall Risk Interventions listed above, more intensive interventions by the healthcare team are warranted for all those inpatients scoring higher than 50 on the Morse Fall Scale.

  • Visually identifying our client by placing’ FALL PRECAUTION SIGN ‘ in our client home with our client or family permission for all our caregivers to identify that our client is on a fall precaution.
  • Consider placement in a room or area of high visibility near the Caregiver.
  • Monitoring patient and environment for safety at least every 1 hour.
  • Place all light and frequently used items within reach, and initiate fall risk care plan.

A plan of care is developed with appropriate interventions individualized to our Client’s needs.

  • Activate bed alarm at all times when our client is in bed. Assure bed is connected to call light system. Also, implement chair alarm or occupancy alarm if appropriate.
  • Supervise client directly (within visual observation) or indirectly (within hearing and verbal distance from client) while on commode or in bathroom.
  • Assist with or supervise all transfers and ambulation using gait belt and other assistive devices as needed.
  • Review all Fall Preventions education materials with our client and their Family. SHCS would always tell our client’s and families that they loved ones are being placed on a fall prevention and why?


Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home Care is well-acquainted with the importance of safety and security in the home. Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home care would provide a detailed safety assessment of your loved one’s home, as well as suggestions on ways to improve safety levels and decrease the likelihood of a fall or an accident.

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