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Our Mission Statement:

“To provide affordable quality in home health care services to clients and their families, while maintaining a productive environment that surrounds quality communication, care, and family and client involvement.”

“ I am very pleased with my services and Aide, I have no complaints.”

Linda A. Fayetteville GA

Home-bound patients need all the help they can have in order to live a comfortable life. There are certain concerns that arise when your loved one needs medical care. Going to medical appointments might be difficult when they don’t have a companion with them. Recent studies indicate that the patient and doctor will benefit from having a companion upon visiting a doctor.

Sanzie Healthcare Services, Inc. Home Care offers this kind of service to ensure that the patient’s appointment with the doctor is beneficial. Our highly competent staff will help you with your trips to the doctor’s office and other things that go with it. On behalf of our patients, we will:

  • Provide assistance by taking notes during medical visits
  • Give reminders to the patient and to his/her family to ask and air out concerns regarding the medical assessment
  • Provide/clarify information for the doctor
  • Explain in simpler terms what was discussed during the visit
  • Assist your loved one to make follow-up arrangements/appointments
  • Give reminders to follow medication according to the doctor’s orders

Your loved one deserves to receive a quality service, especially when it comes to improving his/her living conditions.

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    Your Health is our Top Priority